CERN Accelerating science

If you are a Spanish company...

You can profit on the FTEC network in order to:

  • Get access to the contact data of technicians trained within the FTEC programme, in CERN related technologies.
  • Have an updated profile online of your capacities in this website, to be easily reached by CERN technicians and facilitate new business opportunities. The goal is to turn this website into a permanent display of the capabilities and experience of the Spanish companies in technologies related with Accelerators and Particle Physics. When we have reached a critical mass, we will spread this database within the organisation.
  • Have access to the FTEC forum, and post open position you may have in your company, or propose new projects within the network.

But before, you need to join the companies FTEC-network e-group (you may need to create an external account if you don't have it yet, just follow the instructions in the link).