CERN Accelerating science

If you are company...

You may know that CERN is the largest centre for research in particle physics in the world. Around 10,000 physicist and engineers from around the world come to CERN to study the building blocks of matter in several experiments.

In this regard, CERN requires a constant stream of supplies and services. This include civil-engineering work and the systems and equipment needed to build and operate the particle accelerators and detectors: power distributions, superconducting magnets, cryogenics, ultra-high vacuum, electronics, mechanical engineering, radiofrequency equipment, and more. Also computing infrastructure is needed, to support the data analysis associated to the experiments, and services for the operation of all the facilities (such as libraries, conference rooms, cafeterias, hostels, stores, printing service...).

This was reflected in an expenditure of 342 million Swiss francs for supplies and 147 millions Swiss francs for services during the last year 2016.

However, procurement is not the only way to collaborate with CERN. They also promote the Knowledge Transfer towards companies, trough several initatives, such as R+D collaborations, licencing technology, Spin-off companies or service and consultancy in some specific hight-tech services.

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